Goode Girls Swallow Series

Here is a list of currently available or soon to be available Goode Girls Swallow series (in alphabetical order)

Eugene: Episode 1: Cynthia (Assigned Mother)Eugene

Eugene, 18, is almost like all the other young man. Except better. Well, what do you expect when you’ve been cooked up in a test tube with all the best qualities a human has to offer, especially a giant cock and a giant issue. The only thing left to do is put him with an assigned family, in Eugene’s case, the Arnsbergs, including father Terry, AKA Dr. Clement, 44, mother Cynthia, AKA Dr. Manwaring, 40, and sister Rebecca, AKA Mrs. James, 22, where he will get the closest to a natural family experience as possible. Only problem is, with a giant cock and a giant issue comes giant responsibility, not to mention a giant sex-drive, and now, as instructed to all involved, it is every woman he comes in contact with’s responsibility to see that Eugene is serviced, in every way possible, to fulfill his purpose, the main reason he was cooked up in the first place, and that was to add a little perfection, whether it be by injecting himself or his issue, into this most imperfect society.

In The Future It In The Future It Will Be A Lot Harder To Put A Smile On Your Stepdaughter's Face: Episode 1Will Be A Lot Harder To Put A Smile On Your Stepdaughter’s Face


Injecting As Much Excitement As I Can Into My Girlfriend's Mom: Episode 1Injecting As Much Excitement As I Can Into My Girlfriend’s Mom

Okay, so this was a really weird and backwards time in my life. So, I thought, in the spirit of therapy, I would write it all out and publish it for all the world to see. That’s not douchy, is it? Hope not. Cuz, that’s probably my biggest fear, you know, coming off as douchy. To be fair, that probably should be everyone’s biggest fear.

Joining My Stepsister's Marriage: Episode 1Joining My Stepsister’s Marriage

When Naomi, my wife of 3 years, developed a rare blood disease and was gone the next day, I guess you could say my life took a serious turn for the bizarre. Obviously, I was shocked. Dumbfounded. Thankfully, I had a small group of friends and family around to give me support. Even Gannon, my best friend, and Penelope, his wife, who happened to be my little stepsister, drove all the way from Colorado to pay their respects. And after a week of mourning, it was time for Gannon and Penelope to head back home. However, before they left, as if Gannon could sense that I needed to escape, invited me to come back to live with them. Had I known at the time that Gannon and Penelope were not only inviting me to live with them, but also, essentially, to join their marriage, perhaps I wouldn’t have agreed so readily. Or maybe I would have. I was lost. Sad. Empty. And joining my stepsister’s marriage was probably exactly what I needed to get back on my feet again.

The Loathsome Burden Of Having LIfe-Changing Cum: Episode 1: AlisonThe Loathsome Burden Of Having Life-Changing Cum

Hey. My name’s Grant Buckner. I’m a real shit. A lot of the time. But, that’s no reason for the gods to give me the loathsome burden of life-changing cum. Sure, potentially, all cum can be life-changing. Or life-giving. But, mine’s a little different. It can literally change lives. And, yeah, I guess that’s pretty cool, or whatever. But, mostly, it’s a real drag. Not the whole getting tons of blowjobs part. That part couldn’t be any cooler. It’s the whole turning my world upside down part. I mean, my world was already pretty upside down. But, now it’s even worse. And, that part definitely isn’t cool.


My Fucking Factory Job: Episode 1 (Introducing The Boss's Stepdaughter Belle)My Fucking Factory Job


Rising Up With Sister Rose: Episode 1Rising Up With Sister Rose


My Mom's Cure For Those Pesky Hard-To-Get-Rid-Of Wet Dreams: Episode 1My Stepmom’s Cure For All Those Pesky Hard-To-Get-Rid-Of Wet Dreams



While Goode Girls Swallow stories are loaded with cum and cum swallowing, they do not contain any blood-relation incest, bestiality, scat play, etc. Also, all characters are 18 or over.